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What Is Iv 7 Direct

What Is Iv 7 Direct
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Silver-Sol Solution is very similar
to Iv 7 Direct

Germs are the reason behind a number of the diseases that we suffer from. This is a well known fact but what worries us the most is how to get the right germ defense for ourselves so that killing germs that can help us in saving lives becomes easier! Moreover, it is important that we make sure that our disinfectant is non toxic so that it does not in turn harm us in any way! To be very honest there host of disinfectants in the market that make a lot of promises but in the end do not do much in terms of germ defense and leaves us confused about what is the right path to choose! However, now the IV-7 direct comes to us as the ultimate solution to all our problems.

It is no secret that silver can work as great disinfectant and was in fact used to kill germs from ancient Greek and Roman times. And as they say
  • old is gold silver is a safe
way to kill the germs that we all hate and give us a healthy life! IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense actually uses this essential property of silver to clean our hard surfaces at home and in other public places like schools and hospitals in a way that frees it from all kinds of germs! It has silver dihydrogen citrate in it which is an electrolytically-generated source of ionic silver and is further stabilized in citric acid as well! The product is has an EPA registration and is also patented.

It is odorless and causes disinfection and deodorization of all kinds of hard surfaces. It guarantees you a full 24 hour protection as well! When you speak of other disinfectants they are no match to it simply because unlike other disinfectants that act on surfaces only for a short while after they have been applied, this continues to work and kill germs for as long as an entire day! IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense combines both antimicrobial power as well as residual protection to give you the protection that you really need. It kills various kinds of viruses, bacteria as well as fungi and guarantees you 99.99% protection from diseases.

The technology used in this disinfectant was used during earthquakes and tsunamis all around the world and is thus tried, tested and extremely effective! It is also perhaps the first to find approval from the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. In fact as compared to other disinfectants that also claim to use the disinfecting properties of silver, IV-7 Direct stands out due to its unique technology.

It uses colloidal silver whereby silver particles are found in a solution that is aqueous. Moreover, along with silver metal, colloidal silver also contains other compounds of silver like silver oxide! There are also many different ways of making colloidal silver and as a result of this the end product varies largely in quality.

However, the kind used in this disinfectant is manufactured through a special technology that is unlike the other methods and ensures proper stability of the right components making it the best that is available in the market and this can be easily proved scientifically and has been accepted by experts! The IV-7 Ultimate Germ Defense works faster and longer than all other disinfectants including those that use silver, which in itself gives it a huge advantage! The protection is strong and at the same time uses the right proportion of silver ions as compared to other disinfectants of its kind. Moreover it has great storage capabilities too and if stored at the right temperature and in the proper place it can serve you for years to come. It is an EPA IV category product that makes it safe and recommendable as well.

Moreover, it also provides you with great business opportunity if you are willing to become a distributor of the product and join in the mission of germ defense! So whatever may be your germ problem and whatever may be the disease that you are worried about the IV-7 Direct hard surface disinfectant is sure to deal with it and provide you a safe and germ free existence!

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A non toxic disinfectant that has been approved by the EPA and is used at the Cleveland Clinic. A breakthough technology that has proven effectiveness in the war against germs. IV-7 by Pure Bio is being recognized as the most effective anti bacterial product in thirty years. Visit

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